UNESCO includes French food in its list of the world’s intangible cultural treasures!

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    Worldwide debate ensued after UNESCO decided to choose the “gastronomic meal of the French” to feature on its list of the world’s intangible cultural treasures.

    President Nicolas Sarkozy called upon UNESCO to include French gastronomy in its cultural list, which includes:

    - Oral traditions and expressions
    - Performing Arts
    - Social practices, rituals and festive events
    - Knowledge and practices concerning nature and the universe
    - Traditional craftsmanship

    According to UNESCO experts, French cuisine is "a customary social practice for celebrating important moments in the lives of individuals and groups. It is a festive meal bringing people enjoy the art of good eating and drinking. The gastronomic meal emphasizes togetherness, the pleasure of taste, and the balance between human beings and the products of nature."

    Menu composition, laying the table, matching the meal to the wine – not to mention the endless talk of food and recipes which the French indulge in – were all taken into account before UNESCO experts accepted the country’s claim to gastronomic heritage. 

    True, French cuisine is celebrated worldwide, but is it really something that should be included in UNESCO's world heritage list?

    Let us know what you think!

     Posted on 19 November 2010 at 11 h 36 (6 years, 6 months ago)
     Updated on 19 November 2010 at 11 h 49

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    I agree that French Cuisine has to be one of the most versatile and varied world cuisines.

    It is a cultural gem and something to be treasured!! Just look at the beauty...

    But then again the “gastronomic meal of the French” is a bit ambiguous - not all French food is world class! That's why it seems quite strange to include food in UNESCO's world heritage list...

     Posted on 19 November 2010 at 14 h 44 (6 years, 6 months ago)

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    It sure is beautiful ! 

    snails with garlic butter

     Posted on 01 December 2010 at 11 h 18 (6 years, 5 months ago)

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    Ewwww!! Why is it green, do they turn that colour after being cooked?!

     Posted on 01 December 2010 at 11 h 26 (6 years, 5 months ago)

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    Johnny is right, "not all French food is world class"...

     Posted on 01 December 2010 at 11 h 27 (6 years, 5 months ago)


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