Tips for writing your project description on Ulule

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    Coming fast !

     Posted on 16 June 2010 at 10 h 27 (6 years, 10 months ago)

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    Hello, i am irene from kenya and i am in dire need of a sponsor to help me with my project to record a hip hop album. In the recent past, i have been doing a different style of music against the advice of several proffessionals in the nairobi field with little success. I am very passionate about music and it being a perfect platform to express connect, and so i have been writing RAP and HIP HOP lyrics using a computer software but i need an angel to help me make it a reality by having it proffessionaly recorded and promoted. please help.    

     Posted on 16 September 2014 at 17 h 58 (2 years, 7 months ago)


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