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    I'm a designer based in London, and am starting up an exciting design-lead literary publication called CAVALCADE this spring. 


    The project is a set of printed magazines/booklets exploring a different theme in each edition using different types of written content, from short stories to critique or poetry. I'm interested in using high and low brow material to build up a diverse range of viewpoints of the matter in question. The end result will sit somewhere between a literary magazine and an artists book, design and format being a key feature in bringing the content cohesively together. I want to use the publication as a platform to promote up and coming writers.

    The design will be content driven - this might result in an A4 pamphlet for mass photocopied distribution, or a elegant set of one off screen printed cards depending how the project progresses.

    EDITION 02:
    The edition I would like to call for entries for is an exploration of DAYTIME. Dividing a day into hourly increments, I wish to ask for entries relevant to each time increment.

    What does a particular time of day mean to you? What do you do at 4pm every day? Is the light different at dawn and dusk? Pick the time increment that appeals to you.

    The writings will come together using format and design to outline and explore the concept of 'a day'.

    Poetry, critical essays, fiction and non fiction are all welcome. please email your entries to[email protected] and I will get back to you ASAP to let you know if you have been successful, or whether your entry might be more suitable for a different edition.


    Word limit: Minimum 1, Maximum 2000

    Time increments:

    0500 - 0700
    0700 - 0900
    0900 - 1100
    1200 - 1400
    1400 - 1600
    1600 - 1800
    1800 - 2000
    2000 - 2200
    2200 - 0000
    0000 - 0200
    0200 - 0400
    0400 - 0600 

    Thanks for your interest




    [email protected]


     Posted on 14 March 2011 at 17 h 45 (6 years, 3 months ago)


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